How to care for a Ficus Retusa bonsai

On this page you will find the specific care you should know to know how to care for a Ficus Retusa bonsai, you can expand this knowledge in How to care for a bonsai.

Ficus are part of the extensive family of Moraceae. Ficus retusa is a tree native to tropical Asia. It is characterized by its rapid growth and by having leathery leaves, very bright and showy. There are many other species of tropical Ficus, well known within the world of Bonsai.

How to care for a Ficus Retusa bonsai
Bonsai of Ficus Retusa

How to care for a Ficus Retusa bonsai


This species of Ficus is one of the best adapted to indoor environments. It can also live perfectly outside, as long as the roots do not freeze in the coldest season. Adapts well to both full sun and semi-shaded conditions.


Ficus retusa can tolerate the most varied irrigation conditions,although they prefer a moderate and constant irrigation. In outdoor conditions, the tree has greater water needs than if it is located inside the house. Avoid puddling of the roots.


Since it is a fast growing tree, fertilization should be frequent, especially during the growing seasons (spring Summer Autumn). In winter the plant stops its growth, so it is convenient to reduce the dose and even not pay it.


The best time to transplant the tree is right after spring, before the strong heat starts. But, usually, these trees can be successfully transplanted throughout the year. A transplant is advisable every 3 years minimum.


One of the characteristics that distinguishes Ficus Retusa from some other species is their rapid growth., which means that the pinching will be quite frequent and during most of the year. The new shoots that appear should be cut off leaving only the first two new leaves.