How to care for a Junipero bonsai

On this page you will find the specific care you should know to know how to care for a Junipero bonsai, you can expand this knowledge in How to care for a bonsai.

Junipers are part of the cupresaceae family. They are an ancient group of trees with some species distributed throughout the planet. Juniper it is common in Europe, while in Asian countries J. Stiff and J. Chinensis. They are deciduous trees with acicular or scaly leaves.

How to care for a Junipero bonsai
Bonsai of Juniper

How to care for a Junipero bonsai


The gender Juniperus it is one of the most resistant to low temperatures. The tree must be located outside, in full sun all year. In winter it supports frost, although it is preferable not to go so far that the ice affects the entire roots of the plant.


Water consumption by 18 this genus of plants is not very high, Especially in winter. Irrigation must be moderate, and in order to avoid possible fungal attacks, it is advisable to let the substrate dry between consecutive waterings.


Subscribing must be continuous throughout the year during the growing season. For junipers this period corresponds to spring, summer, fall, and in some climates,at the beginning of winter. They tolerate higher doses of compost well, especially in autumn.


Junipers can live for many years in the same pot, since they have a high rate of renewal of their roots. The transplant is carried out every 3 oh 5 years, and the tips of the roots should never be cut, but it is convenient to cut a thick root completely.


Juniperus are clamped throughout the vegetative growth period. Unlike other trees, clamping is done with the fingers, acting on the scales or leaves that protrude from the profile defined by the tree's crown. If a bud sticks out too much, is cut with scissors from its base.