How to care for an apple tree bonsai

On this page you will find the specific care you should know to know how to care for an Apple bonsai, you can expand this knowledge in How to care for a bonsai.

Apple trees (Malus sp.) are trees that are part of the extensive family Rosaceae. They are well known for their fruits and are found throughout the world. They are deciduous with spectacular flowering and fruiting.

How to care for an apple tree bonsai
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How to care for an apple tree bonsai


They are clearly outdoor trees. They have to live in full sun if you want to obtain flowering and subsequent fruiting, although in summer the sun can burn the tips of the leaves. In winter, like most deciduous trees, they withstand cold and even frost very well.


Apple trees have a high water consumption, especially with the appearance of the fruits. Before flowering it is convenient to reduce watering, just like in winter, since with the fall of the leaves the water needs of this species are greatly reduced.


The frequent subscriber is grateful for apple trees, especially after the formation of the fruits and throughout the autumn. The rest of the year has to be reduced, much more during flowering or into winter. Iron chelates invigorate the appearance of the plant.


Apple trees must be transplanted every year (two times maximum). The indicated time to do it is early spring, before the new bud begins to develop. The tree produces roots very easily, so you can cut part of them without fear.


As in all deciduous trees, clamping is carried out throughout the entire vegetative growth period of the tree. Of the new shoots that come out, we will cut leaving two leaves, although apple trees can be allowed to grow a little more without problems.