How to care for a Pinus Pentaphylla bonsai

On this page you will find the specific care you should know to know how to care for a Pinus Pentaphylla bonsai, you can expand this knowledge in How to care for a bonsai.

Pinus pentaphylla It is part of the Pinaceae family. It is a native species of Japan, characterized by having leaves that come out grouped five by five from the same pod. It is an ancient species of needle-like evergreen tree.

How to care for a Pinus Pentaphylla bonsai
Pinus Pentaphylla bonsai

How to care for a Pinus Pentaphylla bonsai


The five-needle pine must always be located outside. It adapts perfectly to both cold and hot environments. Withstands frost, but it is advisable to protect the tree from the most intense and continuous.


Does not require much water, so it is desirable to let the substrate dry between waterings. Spring and autumn are the periods in which your water needs are greatest. If watering is excessive, the roots tend to rot easily due to the entry of some pathogenic fungus.


Autumn is the season in which the tree requires more fertilizer input. In summer and winter the needs are minimal; in spring it must be paid, but keeping in mind that this will mean that the new shoots will produce much longer leaves. Iron chelates increase your vigor.


All pines, usually, they are slow growing trees. This makes it possible for them to live without transplantation or shortening of roots for very long periods of time.. It is transplanted in early spring, before the new budding, every 3 oh 5 years approximately.


The pines, like most conifers, fingers are pinched. This operation is done only in spring: when the candles are developed but the leaves have not yet unfurled, are cut with the fingers to achieve a balance in the growth of the crown.