How to care for a Pyracantha bonsai

On this page you will find the specific care you should know to know how to care for a Pyracantha bonsai, you can expand this knowledge in How to care for a bonsai.

Pyracantha is a genus of the Rosaceae group. P. Coccinea has its origin in Europe, but most of the species come from Asia. It is a very robust evergreen tree, perfectly adapted to cultivation as a bonsai. It produces very showy flowers and fruits and in great quantity.

How to care for a Pyracantha bonsai
Bonsai of Pyracantha

How to care for a Pyracantha bonsai


It is an outdoor tree that supports both cold and heat. The best situation is outside in full sun, since in this way it is achieved that the tree produces very numerous white flowers that transform into small red or orange fruits when they mature.


During the growing season, which for the piracanthas is equivalent to practically the whole year (spring Summer Autumn), consume large amounts of water, so it must be watered abundantly and frequently. In winter watering should be reduced.


Piracanthas must be paid frequently, since they are very vigorous and active trees. Fertilizer doses should be reduced in winter, although throughout the year it welcomes the moderate contribution of iron chelates.


The roots of pyracanthas grow enormously and rapidly. This means a consistent transplant, so we will not be more than two years without transplanting cutting, also, part of old roots (about two-thirds of the roots).


This species forms new shoots throughout the vegetative year, only in winter does it partially stop its growth. The way to act on the new sprout is always the same: some are allowed to grow 7 leaves and then cut leaving only two.